We Provide Claims Adjusting Referrals & More In Atlanta And Surrounding Areas

We manage the entire claim process from beginning to end so that you don’t have that burden.

We document the facts of claims, determine Values of benefits owed by researching Policy coverage and estimating costs, we meet with the insurance company professionals to verify the extent of loss and damages that needs to be included in the claim, we proceed to negotiate a settlement and secure claim payments for the full and complete amount owed to our clients, and we work with a team of professionals as needed to assist in proving the worth of the claims.

We evaluate structural repairs and restoration, Personal Property replacement or repair, and Loss of Use including Additional Living Expenses and Rental Income as needed.

We testify as registered Experts with the Court systems in the process of providing a solid defense of ALL your claim rights and entitlements, and financial benefits owed to you.

We assist with State investigations of insurance companies. We also act as Consultants for claims involving Legal Liability, where Attorneys pursue recovery from a third-party entity who might be at fault for causing damage or injury to our clients.

Property Loss and Damage:

  • Homes, businesses, apartments, hotels, condominiums, shopping malls, government buildings, historical structures...
  • Litigation experience and current practice
  • ?Working with:
    • Attorneys
    • Managers
    • Claims Representatives and Adjusters
    • Appraisers and Umpires
    • Agents and Brokers
    • Investigator Experts
    • Engineers
    • National and local General Contractors, and local Restoration Contractors and other professionals in the insurance industry

We help people recover every day when their claims are wrongfully not paid or are under-paid, or who ask us just to manage the complicated claims process for them.  You have a big advantage when you use us, an Insurance Professional and real Expert in claims handling and knowledge, policy contract Coverages, including insurance law, Property construction and restoration, or Liability evaluation.  We are true Experts and have and do testify as such.  We offer full recovery assistance for all loss, damage, and injury that people have suffered which is covered by Property or Liability insurance. We are Claims Adjusters more qualified than many.  We are consultants with expertise holding multiple State qualified industry Licenses, Certifications, and Professional Designations, along with years of advanced insurance experience. Our President is a Master General Adjuster who is Certified Expert, and who is involved in all claims as he has experience participating in thousands of claims handling, with hundreds of insurance organizations, and at the advanced level, with a career spanning 30 years; and having experience with many prominent, national and international insurance companies, municipalities, and the Federal Government since 1986 handling small size claims to complex, large-loss Property & Casualty exposures.

We process ANY and ALL types of Property claims most anywhere, for ANY property claim in Atlanta regional or all 50 states including Fire damage, or ANY property loss such as Wind, Hail, Theft, Vandalism, Collapse, Water, Mold, Vehicle Damage, Flood, Premises Injury, Structure, Personal Property, etc .


You need a true Claims Expert who will fight hard for your rights to get you everything that you are entitled to, and we have a history of winning!

* GUARANTEE:  Our work pays for itself, or there is NO fee.  Our expertise results in a much improved claim solution for virtually every covered claim that we handle.

* Our President is a Registered Certified Expert in Federal and State Courts who conducts Jury Education in live testimony.

Licensed in GA, NC, SC, AL, NV, TN, VA, TX, MS, and FL.

Our experience includes:

Litigation experience and current practice:

  • Working with:
    • Attorneys
    • Managers
    • Claims Representatives and Adjusters
    • Appraisers and Umpires
    • Agents and Brokers
    • Investigator Experts
    • Engineers
    • International, National, and local General Contractors, Builders, Restoration Contractors, Mold Certified restoration specialists, and other loss and damage recovery professionals in the insurance industry

Liability and Casualty:

  • Personal Injury
  • Bodily Injury
  • Heavy auto / truck Casualty
  • Workers Compensation

Our credentials include:

  • Federal and State Court Certified Expert
  • Federal Military Security Clearance (2009)
  • Certified Sr. General Adjuster [advanced]
  • Associate in Claims Designation
  • Accredited Claims Adjuster (Florida University System)
  • Certified Claims Adjuster
  • Legal Principals Claims Specialist
  • Property Claims Law Associate
  • Registered General Adjuster (elite level Executive General Adjuster (EGA) rating with the National General Adjuster Association)
  • Engineering Certified Inspector Certification
  • Certified Umpire ? Level 2 [advanced] (Alternative Dispute Resolution) for Appraisal adjudication
  • Certified Professional Appraiser (Alternative Dispute Resolution) for Appraisal adjudication
  • Business Interruption Program Certification
  • Owner affiliated construction consulting firm and associated business-license.
  • Additional Certifications and training in Roofing, Flood, Wind, and Earthquake
  • State Court Certified Arbitrator ? Arbitration (Alternative Dispute Resolution)
  • Certified Mold Inspector via Federal OSHA training (Hygienist Certification)
  • Certified Mold Specialist via Federal EPA training (Mold Remediator and Inspector Certification)
  • Prior Board of Directors Member of GAPIA (Georgia Association of Public Insurance Adjusters)
  • American Bar Association member
  • IICRC: (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification)
  • Anti-Microbial Remediation Tech Certified (for contaminated water, sewage, etc.)
  • Water (damage) Restoration Tech Certified
  • Fire & Smoke Restoration Tech Certified
  • OSHA and EPA Contractor Specialist Certified in Asbestos containment and abatement