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We process ALL claims most anywhere, while our majority practice is fire water restoration, fire damage, water damage, with fire restoration companies, as Atlanta public adjuster adjusting in Atlanta, and Atlanta private adjuster adjusting in Atlanta, for ANY property claim in Atlanta regional or greater GEORGIA or the Southeast USA.

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Free Services

WE WILL INSPECT AND DISCUSS YOUR LOSS OR CLAIM FOR FREE. Public Adjuster Georgia supports policyholders for claim service in Atlanta and Georgia, and the Southland. We personally inspect your loss and damage, and provide our professional opinion for FREE. If retained, we include all evidence to support your claim, verify coverage, then assess, research, record, and document your exposure, and we register the facts, and negotiate and adjust your best settlement benefits. We consult with experts as needed. If NO insurance benefits result, then no fee ! Our fees are very negotiable, while Covered claims generally pay our fees. Our clients get a much better settlement benefit as the result of our Expertise. (Info on industry FEES is seen on Wikipedia : There are many claims that qualify for discounts, even with our full services. We also give discounts to Seniors and Military. CALL FOR INFO. We process ANY and ALL types of Property claims most anywhere for ANY property claim in Atlanta regional, greater GEORGIA or the Southland including Fire, Wind, Hail, Theft, Vandalism, Collapse, Water, Mold, Vehicle, Flood, Premises Injury, etc.

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As Public Adjuster Georgia, we specialize in Homeowner losses and their insurance claims, including Landlord "rental property". We handle structure damages and restoration, personal property loss, displacement and Additional Living Expenses or Loss of Rent, including single or multi-family housing, condo, mobile home, or any property. Are you a Tenant or Landlord? We also handle "Renter's Policy" covered losses for the Leasor, Lessor or Lessee -- including Fire Legal Liability.

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We handle building damage, inventory and merchandise, loss of business income and extra expense, including landlord domain, tenant contract leasing, condominium unit or suite classification, multiple policy coverages, manuscript (custom) specialized contracts, and related.

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Your fault? If a person has been injured or their property damaged, and they might make a claim against you, then we can help protect you, your property, and your interests. We can assist with premises Personal Injury, Homeowner or Landlord Liability, and Commercial Real Property Liability. Retaining a lawyer may not be necessary upon our review, but we can assist with any need to involve Legal Counsel.


Practice Areas for Georgia and the Southeast USA,

Atlanta Public Adjuster adjusting in Atlanta, greater Georgia, and the Southland.

You have a big advantage when you use us, an Insurance Professional and Expert in claims handling and knowledge, including insurance law, Property construction and restoration, or Liability evaluation.

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